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Global Health Trax is the leading probiotic supplement manufacturer. This international company supplies life-enhancing products to help people establish better health, naturally. Started back in 1997, the first product Global Health Trax introduced was Oxygen Elements. This vitamin is still being wiped off shelves today.

GHT’s goal is for people to take their health back into their hands. To be truly healthy means having a healthy digestive tract and riding our bodies of yeast overgrowth. In order to feel good every day, GHT wants us to pay attention to our bodies and get vital nutrients. We can get these nutrients through: probiotics, digestive enzymes and fiber.

ThreeLac is the original GHT probiotic. Developed over ten years ago, this product delivers the same results time and time again. ThreeLac promotes intestinal health by distributing good micro flora through the intestinal tract. Evidence suggests probiotics may help prevent disease and microbial infections.

Digestive enzyme products help your body break down foods without difficulty. You can eat without any digestive side effects. No upset stomach or lactose intolerance with the aid of a digestive enzyme. Fiber also compliments probiotics and helps with the digestive tract health. Make sure the fiber you take is soluble so your body can better absorb it.