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At New Life Vitamins we love working with reputable, trustworthy companies. Symbiotics is one of our best suppliers of colostrum supplements. Many Americans suffer from the effects of yeast infections and thrust. They fill prescription after prescription and yet the symptoms persist. Changing your diet isn’t a sure thing to help with the infections but there are other options out there that are clinically proven to work.

Symbiotics has a few products on the market to help out with immune system deficiencies and candida overgrowth, naturally. Colostrum is provided at birth by female mammals to help the offspring build up an immune system with natural nutrients. Many people believe taking Colostrum helps the immune system function more efficiently.

The colostrum products Symbiotics offers come from cow’s milk, a natural resource to collect nutrients. Add powerful antibodies and intestinal flora back in your system. Notice a difference with more energy, better digestion and lean muscle mass production.

Another thing that sets Symbiotics apart from other competitors is the coating on the capsules. Stomach acid can eat away at the nutrients before they get into your system but not with this product! The essential vitamins are protected by a coating being sure that it gets to your system before it is destroyed in the stomach.