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ThreeLac Probiotic for Candida

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  • 3 probiotic blend
  • Supports intestinal and digestive health
  • Natural lemon flavored mix

ThreeLac Probiotic for Candida 

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The Original GHT Probiotic! For over a decade this superior product has provided selected beneficial microflora to the intestinal tract for the purpose of replenishing needed friendly flora to promote intestinal health. Packaged in individual sachets with a pleasant lemon taste, Threelac fits conveniently into your active lifestyle. ThreeLac is a powerful probiotic formulation of three potent microflora in a lemon-powder base. Probiotics are a valuable part of a healthy diet, and may play an important role in sustaining overall intestinal health. The prevalence of intestinal imbalances makes a focus on probiotics essential. Prevention of imbalance before it occurs is clearly the better alternative. Probiotics may be a safe, cost-effective, "natural" approach that may help act as a barrier against microbial infection. Benefits of Ideal Intestinal Micro-Flora Friendly flora perform a number of constructive functions in the intestinal tract. One main function is to help prevent occasional good/bad flora imbalance. The "good" flora do this by crowding out the "bad" in the intestinal tract.

Some common indicators of flora imbalance may be:

•Melancholy •Anxiety •Irritability •Relief of occasional heartburn •Relief of occasional indigestion •Lethargy •Food and environmental allergies •Lactose intolerance •Acne •Dry skin •Itching •Occasional jock itch •Vaginal health ThreeLac Active Ingredients •Bacillus coagulans: A probiotic organism that may help control occasional digestion and stomach problems. •Bacillus subtilis: A probiotic organism that may help crowd out "bad" flora in the intestines. •Enterococcus faecalis: The Enterococci constitute a major genus within the lactic acid bacteria group, and exists naturally in the human digestive tract. This effective probiotic bacteria is the result of formulation under strict laboratory conditions.

What Makes ThreeLac So Effective?

ThreeLac has been clinically shown to be effective in managing candida yeast overgrowth. This natural, lemon-flavored dietary supplement contains three strains of live lactic acid bacteria — good, “essential” bacteria that starts working immediately to help rid the body of resilient candida organisms, yeast infection, thrush and candidiasis. A Natural Treatment for Candida and Yeast Infections — Without Restrictive Diets or Harmful Drugs Unlike any other candida defense product, each individual particle in ThreeLac is microencapsulated to help get it safely past the stomach’s acidic environment. This is key because for any product to be effective, all of it must be able to make it safely past the stomach’s harsh environment. Once in the intestinal tract, the candida-fighting live bacteria then go to work “dining” on any anaerobic problem organisms (candida yeasts) your body does not need.

Benefits may include: Relief from yeast infections, candida albicans, and thrush Men: effective relief from jock itch, male yeast infection, penile thrush Fast relief from more serious candida symptoms — depression, anxiety, recurring irritability, heartburn, indigestion, lethargy, fogginess, and more Improved digestion and nutrient assimilation Reduced risk of future yeast overgrowth And all from a great-tasting, lemon-flavored powder, individually sealed in convenient and portable packets.

With 60 ThreeLac packets in each container, one order is typically a two-month maintenance supply. Prevent Candidiasis in Your Family ThreeLac is an ideal product for the whole family. That’s because when one person in the family has candida symptoms, other family members could also have candida — or be at risk of developing symptoms.

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ThreeLac Probiotic for Candida

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Great inmoofatirn about the pyramids and a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about them. Love the photos! Based on the sign I am curious what idiot has actually tried to climb them? (Posted on 3/1/17)
Great for Candida Review by Marklivia
This product does work. I noticed my symptoms disappearing after a week. No more allergies, itchy eyes and skin. I had these symptoms for years and nothing worked. I think you need to give it more time depending on your symptoms and digestion and diet. It's worth trying.
(Posted on 11/10/16)