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Candida is a type of yeast that lives on our bodies. But it can over grow and cause a myriad of different health problems and consequences. Candida causes thrush and yeast infections, most commonly.

In winemaking, it can also spoil the wine as it ages. Many different species, including animals carry candida. It is not something to be alarmed about, unless it over grows and causes uncomfortable side effects. When the balances of candida is upset to the balance of microorganisms on the skin, that’s when overgrowth occurs.

Research shows candida, in severe cases, can make holes in organs and send out close to 10o toxins in the blood stream. Be sure to protect yourself with a candida cleanse! Rid your body of the unnecessary candida that it does not need. Keep the balance of healthy bacteria and yeast in your body. You will feel your best and not experience any side effects of candida overgrowth because you will have prevented it!