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As we get older the collagen in our skin starts to decline. It’s a nutrient we start to produce less of over time, and is what is generally blamed for aging skin. While declines in collagen are natural, it also causes skin to wrinkle and loss its youthful glow. With a collagen supplement, skin can repair itself and restore its elasticity and glow.

Collagen pills also help with circulation. It can strengthen blood vessels and make circulation stronger. The better your circulation the more healthy your skin looks and feels. Collagen pills also help injuries heal. Inflammation prevents injuries from healing quickly and collagen combats inflammation. Once inflammation decreases mobility will increase and help heal the injury. It also benefits arthritis. Since collagen helps joint movement it can help arthritis patients relieve joint pain.

Most commonly collagen is connected to anti-aging and mainly wrinkles. When collagen production slows in the body, wrinkles set in the places collagen leaves. Wrinkles also make the skin appear rough and collagen pills help soften skin from within. Hair also benefits from collagen and can even improve growth. New Life Vitamins recommends taking Reserveage’s Collagen Booster to promote healthy, supple skin. Collagen Booster is one of the keys to anti-aging.