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Probiotics are not new to the natural health market. They have become more popular in recent years to regulate the digestive tract. But what are probiotics, really?They are good bacteria our body produces to help with digestion and treat candida overgrowth.

There are times when probiotics get outnumbered by the bad bacteria inside the intestinal tract. This can result in diarrhea, intestinal inflammation and a weaker immune system. Intestinal damage can also be helped by introducing new probiotics into the digestive tract to help repair weak spots. It also helps colon health. There are no known side effects to probiotics; many adults take them safely and without any negative effects.

The best part about probiotics is they monitor the health of the intestines and maintain the lining so they are healthy and function properly. Some scientific research also suggests probiotics can be beneficial in regulating the health of immune systems. A healthy immune system helps protect against viruses and germs on a daily basis. If it doesn’t protect the body properly, illness ensues. The key to probiotic health is balance. As long as the digestive tract is balanced with good and bad bacteria, health will take care of itself.