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Silica PlusTM contains 2 oz. of pure Oxygen Elements Plus™, and 2 oz. of ultra-pure, lead free silica, plus an ascerbic acid enhancement for extra synergistic power. Silica is the second most abundant element on earth, and humans have a critical need for this element. Silica is now more available to your body than ever before because it's delivered with ascorbic acid in the most revolutionary base we know of - Oxygen Elements Plus™. Silica works in synergy with boron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and ascorbic acid. Oxygen Elements Plus™ contains all these elements to support bones, arteries, connective tissue, healthy hair, skin, and nails. Silica "fixes" calcium into the bone matrix. This is vital to proper bone formation. An important note: if enough silica is not present, bone cannot re-mineralize. Ascorbic acid has been found to synergistically work with silica in "fixing" and retaining moisture in colloidal tissue, such as right under the skin. This is rejuvenating to the skin and prevents wrinkling. Despite its overall abundance, silica is not ordinarily easily absorbed. Because Oxygen Elements Plus™ has the ability to enhance absorption and bioavailability 4 to 5 times, the increased absorption of silica will be revolutionary. Experience the pain-relieving benefits of this product if you're arthritic, or need joint support. Enjoy the age reversing benefits and increased energy you'll get when you use this product. In the human body, silica is essential for bone formation and connective tissue. Healthy hair, skin, nails and flexible arteries would be impossible without silica. Silica is critical to our well being, but it’s difficult to assimilate from a normal diet. Supplementing our silica intake on a regular basis may be extremely beneficial. Silica supplementation can increase collagen 1 (one) in growing bones by 100%. Everyone at every age will benefit from this kind of support for their bones. As our bodies age they use increased levels of silica but are not able to replenish it as quickly or as easily as when we were young. Silica supplementation becomes increasingly more critical as we get older.By offering silica to the body in a Oxygen Elements Plus™ base, assimilation is vastly improved and silica levels begin to increase. This allows the potential remineralization of bone and could aid in increasing cartilage between joints. As silica levels increase, vascular support increases and the intensity of connective tissue is restored. Silica, when sufficient, may also retard the aging process due to immune system support. Silica loss in humans differs according to individual metabolism and nutritional habits. It averages 10 mg to 40 mg per 24-hour period. Silica loss is constant and unavoidable. It should be factored into any supplementation program. All in all, our bodies need silica to keep them repaired and to maintain health and vitality. There are many reasons for silica supplementation, but only one silica-rich, superior product—Silica Plus™