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Thrush is a very painful oral infection caused by the yeast candida. It’s a common infection in infants and usually lasts a few weeks. Candida actually lives in your mouth all the time, but is kept from spreading by the immune system. When immune systems are weakened, candida can grow and cause an infection like thrush.

What causes thrush?

Certain diets and medications can cause a thrush infection. Even another illness may bring out a thrush infection. Some medication changes the microorganisms in your mouth and may break down the protection they provide. Medicine like birth control pills, antibiotics and corticosteroids are known to cause thrust infections.

How long will the infection last?

Candida is always present in the body but infections come on quickly. Sometimes thrush is even chronic and is difficult to get rid of. Thrush is something that must be treated thoroughly and quickly, to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body including: lungs, liver and skin.

Thrush Treatment

The best way to get rid of a thrush infection is by taking a naturally and clinically proven vitamin! It’s great for digestion and gets rid of the extra candida. We have plenty of cleanses and digestive enzymes to promote long-term health.